Welcome! Bienvenidos! Wilkommen! Benvinguts! Salvete! (c’est tout on the language front)

Reading Barbara Savage’s Miles from Nowhere in the Pyrenées

Dear hungry multitude of book-blog readers: I present to you twice-weekly bite-sized reading encounters from a book bum, travel fiend, ranger, and part-time linguist (me).

I’m busy at the moment having a grand old party with the socioculturalists, one of whom must have said that a book doesn’t exist until somebody reads it.  (As somebody else said, the best-laid quotes o’ mice and men aft got just made up.)  Since any book’s reality exists within each reader’s interaction with the printed words on the page, my encounter with a book probably bears no resemblance to your own run-in with the same book.  Ergo, I’ve just handily absolved this blog of all aspirations of objectivity, and me of all notions that I shouldn’t say what I damn well please about said book.

So, join in the feast!  Books are sorted by author, title, my gut-reaction rating of 1 (total shit) to 10 (I will totally beat the shit out of you if you impugn the excellence of this book), and where I was when I read it (because, you know, I’m sure it’s useful for you to know).  Although I define “bite-sized” as “500 words or less,” I reserve the right to wax long-winded whenever I get the writing itch.  To get a quick gauge of my reading preferences, here are 10 books that I’d give a 10 out of 10 rating for.  Luckily, I’ve only run into 2 books so far that I felt deserved a 1 (I only rank books that I finish; all DNFs [did-not-finish-ums] register as Ø).


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