weekly adventure

My last weekend in the Tetons has come and gone.  To make the most of it, I hopped on my bike and went down all of the back roads and bike paths I’d been meaning to explore all summer, and ended up riding for about 50 miles.  The ride from Lower Slide Lake on the Gros Ventre Road back towards the Tetons is spectacular.  I was too busy trying to gape and pedal at the same time that I didn’t stop to take any pictures, but here’s a photo courtesy of this site:

Tetons over Gros Ventre Range

and, just to show you what fall looks like along the Gros Ventre River, here’s a photo courtesy of this site:

Gros Ventre River

and then, lastly, here’s a photo of some dude climbing at Blacktail Butte.  Why this dude and why this place, you might ask?  Well, I went climbing at Blacktail Butte this past weekend.  I certainly didn’t ascend the same wall as this awesome guy, but I did climb my first 5.9, which was kind-of a big deal.   I did a little happy dance at the top, and promptly fell off (don’t worry, my belayer was solid).  I’ve been bitten by the climbing bug, and I hope to someday share pictures that actually show me climbing something rad, instead of just pictures of other peoples’ rad climbs.   Photo from this site:

Bob Horan climbing at Blacktail Butte


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