Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon

Snapshot of me reading:

After reading this book and this book and this book, I was ready for some really fun, trashy reading, so I went back to my trusty Outlander series.

The only problem with having a quest to finish a series is finding books that are actually in the series.  Lord John is a character from the Outlander books, and I (silly, never-reads-the-back-jacket reader that I am), grabbed it off the library shelf along with a bunch of other Gabaldons.  Unfortunately, the Lord John books are a spinoff series, and actually have nothing to do with Outlander.  I’m not a total idiot, so I did realize my mistake when I got home, but since I’d checked out the book, what the hey?  I cracked it open and read the thing.

The book:

Pretty poor stuff.  This book is not up to scruff with any of the Outlander books: no time travel, very few duels, no hot Scotsmen, and a main character who’s gay (yes! we need more books with diversity!) but who ends up being condemned and shunned and awkward throughout the book because of his homosexuality.  And it wasn’t written in a way to be like, “Look, chilluns, don’t be mean to gay people,” but rather, “See, this guy is gay, so I can be lazy as an author and just let being gay=obviously bad shit happens instead of actually having to do the work to write him into shitty situations.”  4 out of 10.


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