weekly adventure

On my first weekend back in Oregon with my roommates, adventures ensued.   First stop: Oneonta Gorge, a swimming hike.  What, you might ask, is a swimming hike?  Clearly, young Padawan, it is hike where you must swim.

From the trailhead, it’s only about a 1/2 mile to the first waterfall, but that 1/2 mile includes climbing over logjams, shimmying over boulders, wading through knee-deep, hip-deep, and then chest-deep water, and lots of hooting and hollering.  Extra hollering is allowed when one member of your party tries to do a bit of easy clinging-to-the-wet-rock climbing around the chest-deep section, slips, and goes KER-SPLASH! into the pool.  (That was yours truly doing the splashing.)

Here’s a few pictures from the intarnetz of Oneonta:

If only we all had Photoshop this good.


The pool of gold at the end of the rainbow


The day wasn’t over, though!  After warming up from our gonad-freezing swimming hike, we trekked up to Angel’s Rest, a nice, short (4.6ish miles total) hike up the walls of the Gorge that gives great views of the Columbia River.

Here are a few photos of my own:

My roommate, Tony, loves hiking and reading equally. Decisions must be made: hiking! no, reading! no, must hike! no, must finish this chapter! So, here he’s struck a compromise.


A view of the Columbia River from Angel’s Rest. Anyone up for a little Lewis & Clark adventuring?

Keep on adventuring!


3 thoughts on “weekly adventure

    • Hi there! Oneonta Gorge trailhead is on the old highway in the Columbia River Gorge. From Portland, take exit 28 off of I-84, then drive on the historic highway about 5 miles until you pass by a large, old tunnel, and you’ll see a sign and a small parking area for Oneonta Gorge. To get to the Angel’s Rest trailhead, you also take exit 28 (driving from Portland), and the trailhead is just across the old highway. Enjoy!

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