weekly adventure

Did I go on an adventure this week?  No.

So, instead, I give you some lols, in the form of Eddie Izzard (if you haven’t heard of him or wonder why he’s wearing pajamas [possibly? maybe it’s a dress?], then here’s a handy bit from wikipedia describing his transvestism; apparently, he’s said at one time or another he’s “a complete boy plus half girl” who’s not a “weirdo” transvestite like Herman Göring. [Yes! Nazi jokes!]).

I’ve been spending my extra brain power these days on languages, so here’s a somewhat-related barrel of /læfs/ from me to you:

Oh, and you may be asking what’s up with George Clooney leading you to a random post with a transvestite doing fantastic stand-up?  Well, you clicked on his face, didn’t you?  Mission accomplished.


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