weekly adventure

Who goes on adventures, anyways?

Here’s an adventure for you: How to learn to differentiate a pharyngeal fricative from a pharyngealized fricative (and learn to produce both types of sounds correctly); think deep thoughts about the linguistic realizations of rhetorical structure and authorial stance and then write an essay including said deep thoughts; watch 12 hours of adult ESL classes and then write an essay on the establishment of classroom community in said adult ESL classes; read, digest, and regurgitate the Intro to Linguistics textbook chapter on phonology for confused people who might show up to my office hours; download, watch, and critique the first half of Season 7 of Dr. Who in order to be able to discuss with classmates the key differences between this newest incarnation of Dr. Who with Star Trek: Next Gen (hey! maintaining social networks is important, too!); scout out and document any unused lots of land in my neighborhood for the Urban Farm Collective; make time to tackle and conquer a V02 in the bouldering gym; and finish grading 150 papers, all before Thursday morning?  Ready? Set? Go.



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