Habibi by Craig Thompson

Snapshot of me reading:

I was at my friends’ house for Thanksgiving, and spent a better part of the weekend curled up on their couch, devouring their beautiful book collection.  After being blown away by the gorgeous drawings in Blankets, I picked up Habibi, Thompson’s newest graphic novel.

Pages from this book:

The book:

While Blankets is much more personal (it’s a memoir), Habibi is an epic that spans centuries and explores themes of Islam and Christianity, the natural world, industrialism, love, and storytelling.  The drawings are, again, exquisite, and the panel of the story fit together like puzzle pieces. I am not a graphic novel connoisseur, but I thoroughly enjoyed the style of Habibi and the conventions of a graphic novel.  For example, where a traditional novel needs a lot of excess words to create a frame story, Thompson can simply draw an intricate, geometrical frame around his Scheherazade-like stories-within-stories.  Both his dialogue and wordless images are moving, and tell a masterpiece.  8 out of 10.



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