Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin

Snapshot of me reading:

I finished up my first quarter of graduate school on Tuesday, 12/6/2011, and I spent all evening bingeing on Dr. Who until I caught up with the grand over-the-top Season 4 Finale (ahhhh, how I miss David Tennant!).  On Wednesday, I figured I’d better feed my brain with a bit of litter-chur and since Ms. Le Guin was on my MUST READ list, I heaved the massive Earthsea Quartet off my roommate’s bookshelf and dove in.  I sped-read through Wednesday night and Thursday morning (see this post, this post, and this post).  As I got to Tehanu (the fourth novel in the series) I had a bit of Le Guin Fatigue.  I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the others, and felt it had even less to say about Life than the others, and even the big aha! moment at the end didn’t redeem the book for me.

The book:

Sorry, Tehanu, you fell victim to bad timing in reading on my part, and you just didn’t butter my bread.  5 out of 10.



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