Hobbity lolz!

So many emotions!

Wowee, blog, sorry it’s been so long.  This is the last week of classes for the term, so I’ve been a headless chicken for the past few days.  My quarter is almost over, though, and I can taste the freedom:

I have found some time to go SQUEEE over the fact that The Hobbit is coming out soon, and nothing, not even studying for finals, or grading 150 of other people’s finals, or traipsing around in Portland’s endless, endless rain can dampen my future happiness.

me, inside

me, inside

Although the prospects for future happiness are clear, and although my inner Gandalf is soooo excited to be free, right now I’m feeling overworked and overwhelmed.   So, seriously, if you see me in the next week as I’m rushing to get things done, you just might want to run away for a while.  So in conclusion, here’s an obligatory lolcat. (But seriously.)

fly you fools


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