Telling Tales Challenge 2013

Telling Tales Challenge 2013

Hello, lovely readers!  I’ve decided to join 2013’s Telling Tales Challenge, hosted by Bex at An Armchair by the Sea.  The goal: read books related to fairy tales or mythology throughout 2013.  I think I can handle that!  At the moment, I’m going to aim to be an Evil Queen (at last! My evil designs will come to fruition!) and read 20 books for this challenge.

Happily, this challenge includes some of my favoritest books of all time – namely, the fairy tale re-tellings by writer-extraordinaire Robin McKinley (see my review of Beauty here).  Whenever I’m feeling stressed, sick, bored, or nostalgic, I pick up one of her books, and my day gets brighter.  So, since I’m planning on re-reading her books anyway this year, I’m just going to blog about it, and thus fulfill part of the challenge.  Ha! Cheating? Maybe. Enjoyable? Yes!

That said, I hope to read new books relating to fairy tales and mythology as well, and I look forward to hearing about what everybody else is reading as 2013 progresses.  Huzzah!


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