Brave New World by Adolus Huxley

View from this book:

Still at a hostel in Borneo, enjoying a relaxing evening after exploring all day.

The book:

Another classic to check of that long books-I-should-have-read-years-ago list. *Yawns, leans back in chaise lounge and tosses book gaily over shoulder.* Seriously, I feel like the only place to read this book would be reclining in the lounge in 1932.  This book must have been the shiz in the 30s, but now, it just seems flat.  There’s really no plot development, there are no non-stock characters, and the descriptions of the dystopian world become repetitive and boring after the first ten minutes of reading.

To be fair to BNW, those first ten minutes of reading really are a trip: in this future world, the dictatorial government uses happy drugs and playful sex as world-domination tools, grows people in labs in batches, purposefully stunts the growth of people in lower social classes, and uses sleep hypnosis to convince people that they really are truly happy with their lives.  It’s a WEIRD, cool idea, but the idea can be summed up in one comma-happy sentence, instead of dragging it out for an entire book.

In other news, isn’t that vinyl cover for the book practically tripping balls?  I thought so.  I also think I’d be tripping if I had to listen to this book on tape (or on vinyl, or whatever).  5 out of 10.

Brave New World


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