Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

YOU GUYS.  I just found out that flux capacitors are real things.  Or at least, you can use “flux” and “capacitor” together in a real sentence and not be talking about DeLoreans.  Fo’ real: my roommate bought a crappy, ugly electric guitar from Goodwill, took off the pick-guard, sanded it down to bare pine, re-soldered all of the electronic bits, and now it’s a slightly less-crappy beautiful electric guitar.  Electric guitars have “capacitors,” and to solder things you use “flux,” … et, voilà!

Anyways, all that reminded me of the fact that I am going to hop in a little time-machine in this blog (DeLorean-style, if at all possible) and move from my awesome weekend in Bend (which happened in real time: February ’13) back to the review backlog I have of books I read back in April ’12.  Great Scott!  So, after all that blather about guitars (which, along with having capacitors and needing flux, have things called “humbuckers.” Who knew?) let’s get to blathering about books, shall we?

View from this book:

Actually, I may have read this book in March ’12: I was flying back on a redeye from Singapore and crossing the International Date Line on March 31st/April 1st when reading this book.  Take that, time travel.

The Book:

You know how you read the best book by an author, and how after that every book from the same author pales in comparison?  On my top-10-best-books-of-all-time-so-far list, Atonement is #9.  Atonement was such a complex, multi-leveled book, with a riveting plot, that although Enduring Love was undoubtedly well written, I couldn’t shake the feeling of slight disappointment.  Come on, McEwan—is two masterpieces too much to ask?

With that little quibble all quibbled out, I admit that McEwan does craft a compelling narrative in Enduring Love, and his writing is as lyrical as ever.  Love, respect, obsession, and identity are all major themes of this book, which chronicles the changes a freak ballooning accident wreak on one man’s life and once-stable love.  I’ve heard the movie version of Enduring Love is absolutely amazing, and although this book didn’t live up to my expectations, it was definitely good enough that I want to read much more by McEwan and pop some popcorn for a movie comparison.  7 out of 10.

On a side note, there are about a dozen covers for this book, and all of them are gorgeous.  Oogle over this cover art, and then go pick up a McEwan for a good read:

Enduring Love 1

Enduring Love 2Enduring love 3Enduring Love 4Enduring Love 5Enduring Love 6Enduring Love 7Enduring Love 7.2


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