The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie

Snapshot of me reading:

Hey – Salman Rushdie! I’ve always wanted to read Midnight’s Children… oh. It’s 500+ pages and it’s weighty and ponderous… never mind.  OK – how about The Satanic Verses?  It’s 600 pages and it’s “marvelously erudite” according to the Amazon blurb.  I ain’t feelin’ that now.

Ooh, this other book by Sir Rushdie has the words “Enchantress” and “Florence” in it and it’s got a preeeeety cover – I’m sold!

The book:

I picked this book up for $4 at a Border’s close-out sale, and that’s about what it was worth.  It was rather ponderous, slightly mysterious, and had few good descriptions.  I enjoyed the 4 hours it took to read, and hope to promptly sell it back to a used book store for slightly more than $4.

Since I’m feeling so blah about this book, I really don’t want to spend more time trying to describe the plot to you.  It’s all very twisty and intertwining and full of unreliable narration—which I normally love but, in this case, the sheer weight of this book just smooshed the somewhat-exciting plot into the ground.  If you want a synopsis or an actual review, go here or here or here.  I’m feeling too underwhelmed to even try to summarize these other people’s summaries. Meh. 4 out of 10.

Enchantress of Florence


2 thoughts on “The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie

    • Yes, although I hope to pick up more Rushdie books and see what I think! I wasn’t in the right reading space for “The Enchantress of Florence,” so I probably didn’t give the book a fair shake. On the other hand, it’s probably
      Impossible to give any book a fair shake – authors spend months or years on them, and I read them in a few hours and pass a snap judgement that’s usually based on a lot more to do with me than the book itself. That’s why I usually try to write a “View from this Book” section at the beginning if every review, because my view from the book always affects my view of the book.

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