what the what? (about me)

Dear hungry multitude of book-blog readers: I present to you twice-weekly bite-sized reading encounters from a book bum, travel fiend, ranger, and part-time linguist (me).  I’m busy at the moment having a grand old party with the socioculturalists, one of whom must have said that a book doesn’t exist until somebody reads it.  (As somebody else said, the best-laid quotes o’ mice and men aft got just made up.)  Since any book’s reality exists within each reader’s interaction with the printed words on the page, my encounter with a book probably bears no resemblance to your own run-in with the same book.  Ergo, I’ve just handily absolved this blog of all aspirations of objectivity, and me of all notions that I shouldn’t say what I damn well please about said book.


So, join in the feast!  Books are sorted by author, title, my gut-reaction rating of 1 (total shit) to 10 (I will totally beat the shit out of you if you impugn the excellence of this book), and where I was when I read it (because, you know, I’m sure it’s useful for you to know).  Although I define “bite-sized” as “500 words or less,” I reserve the right to wax long-winded whenever I get the writing itch.  To get a quick gauge of my reading preferences, here are 10 books that I’d give a 10 out of 10 rating for.  Luckily, I’ve only run into 2 books so far that I felt deserved a 1 (I only rank books that I finish; all DNFs [did-not-finish-ums] register as Ø).


If the above what-the-what? answer wasn’t to your liking, then here’s a different kind of answer I’ve appropriated from Anna at Buchpost:

warum lesen

um mich zu freuen
um zu entspannen
um zu lernen
um zu reisen
um zu lachen
um zu sehen
um nichts mehr zu sehen
um auf unbestimmte zeit zu verschwinden
um mich nach all dem geplapper zu sammeln
um nicht auf meine grenzen begrenzt zu sein
um zu verstehen
um zu entspannen
um allein zu sein
um ein netz zu spannen
um verbindungen zu begreifen
um die verantwortung für den tag zu vertagen
um wieder luft zu bekommen



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